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Pilates - my new favourite thing

Posted on 10 November 2016

If you are anything like me - I'm not a great one for exercise.   I have bad memories of being at school and people sniggering whenever I attempted to do sport.  Being 6ft 2, all legs and no grace, the image of Bambi on ice springs to mind when I try to co-ordinate myself. 

As a result, I've always been much more up for being a couch potato than hitting the gym.   I do love the feeling after I've actually had a gym session but the thought of going does not excite me in the slightest. 

But I am determined this year that I'm not going to do my usual winter weight gain and try and keep fit over the long dark months.   So when one of the Mum's at school suggested her Pilates class - I thought why not. 

I know it's not some brand new revolutionary exercise. But it's new to me and so, me and my friend headed off, ever so slightly nervously, about what we'd be made to do.  

But what a revelation it has been.   I absolutely love it.  My friend feels like she's had a back massage after every class.   The exercises are gentle and slow but boy are they powerful.  Or maybe that's just me and useless stomach/core muscles.  Anyway, I am hooked and for someone who has had lower back pain for a long time, it's been amazing.  Not only have I had less back issues, I also feel like I walk taller and have better posture.  And for a tall person, poor posture is part and parcel of life.  

So I have never ever recommended exercise really - for the above reason - but if you are tall - I can't praise it enough.  

Or course, it could be that I've hit the jackpot with our lovely teacher Laura - who doesn't mind when I can't get my legs straight or even get my legs off the floor.

Or maybe it's because at the end of the session, you also get to lie in whatever position you like and just breathe for 5 whole minutes without anyone disturbing you.   

Whatever it is, I really like it - and it's good for you.  So why not give it a try.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.   You can always go back to the couch afterwards. 






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