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Our Story


My name is Alison and I'm 6ft 2 (188 cm) with an inside leg of 36 inches (91cm).  Or in other words - a tall woman with very long legs. 

If you are reading this and are in the same tall boat, you will be very well aware of the highs and lows - no pun intended - of being tall.  Many of which are wonderful. 

But when it comes to buying clothes, it has to be said it's definitely not so wonderful.

Wearing lovely clothes which actually fit can make you feel a million dollars, put a skip in your step and a whopping great smile on your face.  Not to mention the confidence boost it can give you.

For years I have struggled to find the kind of clothes I want to wear which fit me.   Which is basically why I've taken things into my own hands with the launch of Tall Order Clothing.

Tall Order Clothing is a new label offering contemporary, stylish, good quality clothing for taller women using quality fabrics.

What we try to offer are small capsule collections featuring a range of versatile clothes which will hopefully compliment your existing wardrobe.  

Featuring a mix of casual styles with a few more smarter work pieces, we've tried to offer clothes which can be worn together or separately that can be dressed up and down with a change of shoe or accessory.  

All of our clothes have been designed specifically for taller women's proportions.   From the positioning of the bust line to the placing of the hip, waist and of course the all important bum proportions - they have been designed and tested on tall women throughout the process.  Our trousers, overcoat and jackets also have generous hems if extra length is needed. 

All of our clothes are made in Bulgaria in factories we have visited.  We know for sure that there are no children involved or anyone being exploited in the production of our clothes.   Because of that, there is a cost attached, but we prefer to know our clothes are made by people working in good conditions and not at the expense of others. 

So, if you like the clothes then please spread the word to other taller women.  In my experience us tall women are very open to a good recommendation of where to get clothes from.   We can ship internationally so don't worry if your friends live all over the place.    

Enjoy and many thanks for your support.

It's very much appreciated. 


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